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A sheep from Taiwan.

This Person

This is Kevin White. A smart dumbass.
Kevin White.jpg Kevin White2.jpg
Kevin White
Installation art Artist

Kevin was an eloquent person who can developed concept 
of his art by words very will. He like to use abandoned 
furniture to create his work. Even a toilet paper on the 
ground can became an art through his mouth. His idea are 
unique and always match the current event which made him 
become a disputed but famous artist.
In the year of 2012, Kevin was infected and lost his most 
powerful weapon, his mouth. He was unable to explain his 
concept as fluent as before. And was fall in every debate 
when he trying to show people the deep and profound meaning 
behind his art. It's hard to let people appreciate his 
work without sharing his concept by talking.
Since then, he began to develop his skill in manufacture. 
He want to be respected and become famous again. In the 
past, he show people the most simple but profound art. 
Now, he show people the most complicated and beautiful art. 
People see it and love it at their first sight. There's 
no need for debate anymore.
Kevin White, a smart dumbass. Spending a half of his career 
on tricking people to believe his art, and use the rest it
to work on the thing which are worth to make effort on.

Ways of Doing


About Language


This is a video for sharing my thought about how the future language will be. There are a lot of old video image mixing together which are resources from:

Lending Out Books – Hal Sirowitz – Typography

Alan Mickelson – Cancan


A simple animation of our Graphic Design History professor dancing Cancan.


Click! Click! -> [ ]

Image & Word

How people see the same picture with sentence can be so much different. Not to mention that if there are severl pictures and sentences for people to choose. They can come out with tons of stories.

An image can grab people’s eyes. An image with plenty elements on it can let people start to think of its meaning. And it can also make two peoples get into discussion because their different point of view. Yusuke Nakamura’s work are mostly colorful and rich in elements which can be a good resource for this play.

Music lyrics are like poems, people can feel the emotion while reading through them. Capture one remarkable sentence from pop song and read it without music. For someone who always focus only on the melody, this will be another new decover for them. They can find out how meaningful are those lyrics are.

Now pick one picture and lyric for your story. While maching those two together, you’ll notive that how you see the picture is not the same anymore. You’ll try your best to look look for image which can reasonably fit the lyric. And the same as how you explain the lyric. You’ll use each word to built up a story which is just for the picture. Image and word can work well easily. Even if they have a lot of differences, it’s up to you to interpriate them.

Telling A Story

On the first page, Click!x2, there are fourty buttoms. Buttoms on the left are for pictures, buttoms on the right are for lyrics. The play rule is to each select one. By clicking, you’ll enter to another webs for picture and lyrics which are not made by me. But they will be the resources for you to create your own story.

This play is like the table game, Dixit, let people interpret pictures differently. The illustration on the card of Dixit game are also complicated. People have different focus on each card. So Dixit utiliz it to become a way to trick the plyers. It is an interesting game and also present hoe people see image differently.

So give it a try for this Storytellers. It is a very simple system for you to get inspiration. You can see it as a resource, a game, a lottery, a lyric collection, a Yusuke Nakamura collection, or so on. Just have fun for it!


People hear and visualize. What they gain is a case, what they think is another, and what they shows is the other.

A Short Talk About My Feeling For Art

Have you ever thought about the disparity between the value of art and what’s behind it?
I think most people have.
Because one of the fun ways to enjoy art is by criticizing it. And the other way is just to enjoy the way it looks, or not.

Older works of art are valuable because of their history, delicacy, innovation, and beauty. Artists, unlike now, had fewer resources and materials. They are unique in the old age and become epic nowadays which people won’t doubt the value of their work. But art today is not that simple anymore. The media delivers art through out the word and changes the way we see it. It’s better for artists to show their concept for proving its value. What is behind art becomes important to the audience. 

So, here’s the question. If someone creates their works just for fun, how can he introduce it?
A: Tell the truth.Which makes the audience think you are brainless but talented. If they like it.
B: Associate it with story. Squeeze out a reason from your experience. Which makes the audience have something to identify and critique your work.
C: Import a concept. Grab some suitable concept from somewhere. Which is kind of making a lie but somehow might work will.
So that’s why some people take the process seriously. Because it shows the reliability and quality of their work.

How the art looks is just what it is. But how people see and interpret is always different. Sometimes it seems hypocritical but profound. And that is just what art is. Some people hate its pretension, others love how dissolute it is.
The truth is, art is never a necessity for humans. But it is no doubt that it advances our life. It is public but personal at the same time. And since you have time, why not enjoy this romance of humanity?


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